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Why Choose Sharc® Matter?

Sharc Matter provides access to tailored chemicals which offer a wide range of properties and applications. Our ecommerce platform allows for silica nanoparticles to be functionalised with one or more chemical groups, thus allowing users to create materials for their bespoke requirements.

This VitoNano technology, developed and patented by TWI, is available for the first time exclusively through this platform.

Benefits of Sharc Matter

We live by the following fundamentals:

Improved Abrasion Resistance

Improved Solvent Resistance
Enhanced Stiffness
Increased Heat Distortion Temperatures
Improved Barrier Properties
Improved Repellency

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Research & Development

Solar Sharc

Opus Materials Technologies is in the advanced stage of developing Solar Sharc ®. A self –cleaning permanent, non-stick, dust resistant coating for application onto Solar PV. Utilising Nanotechnology, Solar Sharc ® will be a durable, transparent anti-reflective and highly repellent coating that is mechanically resilient to environmental ageing. Easily applied to PV glass substrates, Solar Sharc ® optimises the energy yield of the panel whilst reducing O&M costs and water wastage by eliminating surface contamination to improve operational efficiency.


The development of an anti-icing coating for the aviation industry is a recognised challenge which to date has not been achieved. The aim of the ICEMART project is to develop a novel passive ice-repellent coating that will prevent ice formation and adhesion without the need for active ice-management.

Lead by CAV Ice Protection, part funded by Innovate UK and with a global consortium including Opus Materials Technologies our approach is disruptive & unique. Using Nano technology and built on patented ground-breaking technology we aim to overcome the well-known fragility of nanostructured coatings by using novel additives that can be incorporated into conventional aviation coatings.

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